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As part of the National Housing Strategy, CMHC launched several innovation and research programs to support Canadians to meet their housing needs. The Solutions Lab Initiative supports stakeholders to co-develop innovative, bottom-up solutions to problems that have not been able to be solved using traditional approaches. 

The ShelterCare Solutions Lab funding, received through House of Friendship, will allow partners in Waterloo Region to use human-centred design to explore responsive and relationship-based healthcare and housing supports to end homelessness in this community. To do this, we are being guided by Overlap Associates and a diverse project team. The process will include collaborative activities to: 

By the end of the Solutions Lab, we will develop evidence to support greater investment in community-based health care supports for those experiencing homelessness, and ultimately, increase our community’s capacity to reduce homelessness year over year. These findings will be shared across Canada.  

Phases 1–5Phase 6Phase 7Phase 8Phase 9–10
House of Friendship works through the process specific to the Men’s Shelter program before broadening focusForm a project team, then begin planning and develop an initial problem frameEngage with stakeholders to understand the current experience and gapsReflect on the findings to generate new solutions and potential models for ShelterCareDevelop prototypes and an action plan, then share key learnings locally and nationally

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